dental fillings north vancouver
Restorative Dentistry

Dental Fillings in North Vancouver

Occasionally, minor tooth decay requires a dental filling in order to restore strength to the tooth and prevent further damage.

Sugars in the foods and drinks we consume provide a boost to certain bacteria in our mouths which feed on the sugar and create acidic conditions. Over time, these acidic conditions in the mouth are what cause tooth decay.

Here at Pier Dental Centre, we always recommend composite fillings as a natural looking treatment for tooth decay. Composite fillings are made of tooth-colored materials and create a less obtrusive solution that blends easily into your smile.

What is Dental Fillings?

what is dental fillings

For a dental filling, the decayed part of the tooth is carefully removed and replaced with an artificial material. This material then essentially forms a part of your tooth and prevents any further decay into the tooth itself.

what is dental fillings