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Dr. Sam Kherani, a North Vancouver Dentist, known internationally for his efforts in physiologic-based reconstructive dentistry, took over Pier Dental Centre in it’s new location, steps from the water in picturesque North Vancouver in 2012. Since then he has continued to redefine and enhance the direction of this great dental practice.

Dr. Kherani was later joined by Dr. Robert Cegielski a skilled and experienced dentist in North Vancouver who excels at providing individualized, high-tech, high quality cosmetic dental, tooth extraction, corrective dental implants (mini too), invisalign procedures, restorative, teeth whitening/cleaning, wisdom teeth extraction surgery, tooth filling, porcelain veneers & crowns, tooth bridge, chipped/missing tooth, root canal, bonding and aesthetic dental treatments, teeth bleaching, dentures, as well as general cavity or family dental treatments. Our team consists of extremely talented and highly educated dental professionals, whose goal is to ensure the highest level of health and function for our valued patients.

Just walk in and you can experience our modern comfortable and high-tech dental office for yourself. Our friendly staff will ensure that your visit is a pleasant and relaxing one. We look forward to seeing you, your kids (we do pediatric dentistry) and your family at our dental services clinic, also for a routine dental examination.

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Being among the leading North Vancouver dentists, both Dr. Kherani and Dr. Cegielski are firm believers in on-going education and are continually building their base of knowledge as new dental techniques, practices and technologies emerge.

Their combined knowledge, experience and complementary specializations means that Pier Dental is able to offer comprehensive private dental care without the need to outsource procedures to specialists. Our approach ensures that what ever dental issues our patients may experience, they’ll be in good hands at Pier Dental Centre and will receive only high quality care for lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing results. We hope to see you soon at our North Vancouver dental office.

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Pier Dental believes in using the best equipment available for treating patients. This includes digital x-rays that use minimal radiation and specialized diagnostic equipment that allows us to diagnose and treat urgent emergency conditions such as TMJ.

We also offer laser dentistry, a tool that allows for virtually painless procedures with less anesthesia and bleeding compared to procedures performed with a scalpel option. Oral sedation dentistry and sedation dentistry is also available for patients with dental anxiety. We are your affordable and trusted nearby Endodontist & Orthodontist to go to. Best cost and best experience. We are among the top local holistic dental surgeons and serve Lonsdale, downtown and West Vancouver areas too. Check out our reviews, ratings and recommendations too, we are so happy to be able to spread so many smiles. Your search for the right dentists for you ends with us. Weekends we work from 8am – 3pm. If you are close to Esplanade, we are actually very near you. Meet us at our esplanade dental centre for your next dental checkup. You can also see our online reviews, we are so very grateful to everyone for their kind words. We serve Lonsdale too.

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