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Over time, life takes a toll on our smiles and it’s not uncommon to need a little bit of extra dental work. At Pier Dental Centre, we offer natural-looking tooth restorations to get your smile back on track. Our professional team is committed to helping you both look and feel your best.

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Filling Replacement

Restorative Dentistry fillings replacement

Silver filings, also called amalgam fillings, carry with them a number of health concerns, including the presence of mercury which can be released in small amounts when chewing. Whether or not this mercury leeching is harmful to a patient’s health is still under debate, however silver fillings have several other disadvantages.

Cracks and Decay
Because metal fillings show as opaque on dental x-rays, they can potentially block the dentist from seeing problem areas underneath the filling. If decay goes undetected, it can potentially lead to tooth structure loss and more invasive treatment, such as a root canal.

At Pier Dental Centre we offer the replacement of old silver fillings with non-metal resin fillings (white fillings), which are safer, long lasting and match the colour of natural teeth. These fillings can be done within one appointment. This is typically done for fillings of small to moderate size.

Restorative Dentistry fillings replacement
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