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Phillip’s In-Office ZOOM Whitening

Over time, teeth naturally change colour, usually darkening or yellowing as we age. Tooth colour is affected by a number of factors, including consumption of food, drink, and tobacco products. It can be difficult to determine the best and safest treatments for whitening teeth. We don’t recommend store-bought products such as whitening toothpastes and white strips because most products scrub off the tooth enamel in order to achieve the whitening result – this can be dangerous for your dental health in the long run. Furthermore, the results will generally be slight, so these products are not recommended for patients seeking a dramatic improvement. Professional whitening treatments that take place in the dental office reach below the tooth’s surface, for a more dramatic, lasting result.

The Whitening Procedure

laser teeth whitening result

The Phillip’s In-Office ZOOM Whitening procedure is a simplified, less messy alternative to brightening your smile using traditional tray delivery systems. No longer do you have to wait weeks for results or wear those uncomfortable trays for extended periods of time. The process takes about 2 hours to achieve the desired results. While relaxing in one of our comfortable dental chairs, the teeth to be whitened are isolated with barrier control solutions, and the whitening gel placed. The Zoom “laser” is placed into position and activated. The photo initiators contained in the whitening gel are activated with the use of the light, and the process begins. The whitening gel is removed and re-applied for up to three sessions. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Once complete, all the barriers and solutions are removed and rinsed clean.

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