COVID-19 UPDATE: Open For All Services

1) What is the patient and staff screening process during COVID-19? 

  • Rigorous screening is done by administrative staff to ensure Patient or Team member are symptom-free at the time of the visit.
  • COVID-19 Waiver signed by each team member to confirm symptom-free and no high risk contact or travel as well as temperature.
  • COVID-19 Waiver to be signed by each patient prior to each dental appointment
  • Patients who have been outside of Canada within 14 days of their appointment will not be seen without providing a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Patients who have been recommended to self-isolate or quarantine due to possible exposure risk will not be seen until clearance is given by provincial health authorities.

2) What are the disinfecting and sanitation protocols? 

British Columbia has one of the highest levels of Dental Office Infection Control Guidelines in Canada. We have always been diligent in protecting our team and our clients from a variety of infectious diseases such as flu, hepatitis, HIV, HPV and tuberculosis etc.  Here is what we have always done at Pier Dental Centre:

  • All instruments and materials used are either single use and discarded or sterilized after every use/every patient.
  • We protect, barrier and disinfect all surface areas for every operatory in between patients. Covers and barriers are changed and discarded after each patient.
  • Surfaces disinfected with hospital grade, bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant (effective for COVID-19).
  • Sterilization is done by hospital level steam and pressure autoclaves and are tested for effectiveness daily by means of biological indicators.
  • Sterilization indicators on the outside and inside of each package or kit to confirm the processing criteria have been met to be considered sterile.
  • Sterilized instruments are stored in compliance with BC IPC recommendations to ensure continued sterility and are opened only in a disinfected, newly barriered operatory by a trained, gloved and masked dental professional.
  • Waterlines and suction lines are cleaned, flushed and maintained between each patient. Canulas and suction tips are changed for each patient.
  • Dental Team PPE is single use only and discarded after each patient.

3) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are you doing any additional Infection Prevention Protocols?

  • We have patients disinfect their hands upon entry to the office and rinse with an antiseptic rinse rinse prior to treatment. (as per recommended best practices)
  • We are disinfecting surfaces in common areas frequently
  • In the interest of keeping our team healthy and safe, we have upgraded our Personal Protective Equipment to include N95 masks, face visor and gown, &/or lab coats changed after each patient and removed before leaving the office at the end of their shift.

4) What kind of dental services can I receive at Pier Dental Centre?

We are currently accepting patients for all dental care. This includes routine services, optional services, and emergency dental treatment.

5) Are you keeping up to date with the latest information and research?

New information is coming in always from the professional associations, almost daily. We make sure to keep up to date on all the latest information and guidelines from our Dental Associations and the BC Ministries of Health. It is very important that we act on information and guidelines that are evidence based and appropriate for a dental setting. Yes, COVID-19 is new, but the idea of dealing with viruses in dentistry is not new, which is why we are experienced in mitigating the danger of exposure to our patients and staff. Dental care is restricted to allow for social and physical distancing, but once we are able to reopen, we are prepared and highly trained for the infection control procedures that will be required. There will be new protocols due to the nature of this virus, and we are confident we can provide excellent care to our clients in this new world of COVID.

6) When will I be able to get my hygiene done?

We are currently seeing patients for all dental services, including hygiene appointments. We have been providing all services in a safe manner with the latest protocols since June 2020.