fix a chipped tooth in North Vancouver

7 Best Ways to Repair a Chipped or Broken Tooth

While teeth are durable and made to last a lifetime, accidents happen and you might end up with one that is either chipped or broken, resulting in pain and difficulty eating. A broken tooth will require a visit to the dentist as will all but the tiniest of cracks or chips.

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prevent canker sores

How to Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers, are small open wounds that form in the mouth. They are often on the lip or cheek but may also form on the gums and they make eating, and sometimes even talking, painful. Roughly 1 in 5 people suffer from them regularly and they are more common in women.

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north vancouver pediatric dentist

Finding a Pediatric Dentist in North Vancouver

When it comes to your health, you wouldn’t choose just any old doctor. Likewise, your family’s dental care requires the same level of consideration. It has been shown that dental health has a considerable impact on our overall health. While some may be willing to simply grab an appointment with the first dentist they come across, it is important that you find the right pediatric dentist when it involves the needs of your entire family, especially if you are hoping to improve the dental health of your children.

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tips on how to whiten teeth

11 Best Ways to Whiten your Teeth

When we see actors and models with their perfect white teeth, many of us wonder what we can do to improve our own smile. We’ll try whitening toothpastes, special toothbrushes, and home remedies to get pearly whites, but do any work? If you are looking to brighten your smile, then here are the 11 best ways to whiten your teeth.

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night guards for grinding teeth

Grinding Teeth at Night: Do I Really Need a Night Guard?

Bruxism, the clenching or grinding of the teeth, is a common habit. You may do this without realizing it during the day, but it often happens during the night while you are asleep. This habit can be damaging to teeth, wearing them down over time. Often, a night guard will be prescribed to protect the teeth, but what is a night guard and is it always the best solution? Are there times when a night guard is not called for?

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girl with sensitive teeth

5 Signs That You Need to Visit Your Dentist

There is an unfortunate tendency among many people to delay seeking treatment for dental issues. Barring an emergency or severe discomfort, many will overlook signs that should, in fact, be sending them to the dentist. Whether it be fear of the dentist or the simple hope that the issue will clear up on its own, they wait and risk having the situation grow worse.

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