why you should use dental mouthwash and how to choose the best mouth wash

Choosing The Right Mouthwash

We all know by now that brushing your teeth properly and regularly is the key to preventing dental health issues. We’ve also talked before about the importance of flossing and how it can help to prevent bleeding gums. However, there is a third piece to the preventative dental health picture.

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senior dental care

Dental Care for Seniors

Elderly or senior patients often have unique dental care requirements. There are some common dental health conditions that are more likely to emerge as we age, and our oral health goals can sometimes change and adapt as we move through the phrases of our lives.

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teeth whitening at home during covid-19

Home Teeth Whitening During COVID – What You Need To Know

Recent weeks have seen a spike in online searches for information about at-home teeth whitening solutions. As social distancing continues here in Vancouver and patients remain unable to visit their local dentist for routine or cosmetic dental procedures, the demand for home-based solutions to stained and discolored teeth continues to grow.

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Broken Dental Crown, Bridge, or Denture?

One of the most common dental emergencies in North Vancouver is fractured or broken dental restorations. Examples include a crown or dental bridge coming off (or feeling loose) and cracked dentures or partials, from accidentally dropping them on the floor.

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