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4 Signs that shows that you Need Veneers

‘A genuine smile comes from the heart but a healthy smile needs good dental care’. Everybody in the world wants to have an attractive face and as such the first requirement of having an attractive face is good smile and dental hygiene. Your smile can be beautiful only if the teeth and gums are clean and healthy. But somewhat unhealthy eating habits of people today are fast becoming the reason for many dental problems. One thing which has really become popular in the field of dentistry in the recent times is porcelain veneers.

The porcelain veneers are considered as a solution to many dental problems. If you are not happy with your smile then veneers can really do the trick for you. Here are some of the dental problems which can be treated with the use of veneers:

1. Chipped, cracked and broken teeth:

This situation can arise if unfortunately someone gets hit suddenly or a child smacks his/her jaw somewhere. Veneers can help in undoing the effect of these. Veneers can cover most of the cracks and chips, which make your smile, look kind of ugly.

2. Stained or discoloured teeth:

This can arise due to excessive smoking or unhealthy eating habits. Stained teeth are one of the most common problems in the world today. Veneers can really help you in countering the discoloured teeth. They will cover the stained portion of the teeth and provide you white looking teeth.

3. Gaps between the teeth:

This defect arises due to alignment disorders. The Porcelain veneers are the best option to fill those gaps and provide you with a beautiful smile.

4. Worn down teeth:

This is due to ageing and can happen to anybody. As the age grows the teeth of a person start to wear down, giving a dull appearance to your smile. Veneers can help treat them effectively.

So if you are suffering from any of the above, then visit Pier Dental Vancouver.

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