I’d always hoped I could fix my smile before the wedding. I want to be confident and comfortable in front of my friends and family on a day I know is going to be filled with smiles. When I expressed this to Dr. Cegielski, he and I decided that veneers would be the best option, it’s a permanent and perfect solution… I couldn’t be happier with the results, I think it’s the perfect smile and I get compliments on it all the time.

I had my teeth done prior by another dentist and I wasn’t happy with them, one of them stuck out and none of them looked natural. So, through the advice of a friend, I went to see Dr. Cegielski who I was told was excellent with veneers… he was very nice, polite and very professional. Everything in his office seems to be at a higher level of technology than I’m used to. I’m just pleased, actually thrilled with the end results.

My first impression of Dr. Cegielski was really engaging, because my previous dentist, that I used to go to, was a great dentist, however he wasn’t as comforting as Rob was. I found him to be absolutely warm and professional. I went for a small checkup, because I was having some pain and after our conversation, I walked out 3 months later a completely different person with a difference confidence level.

Rob really is a gifted Dentist and for a couple of reasons. He’s constantly advancing his learning through advanced post graduate programs in all facets of dentistry. He excels at surgeries, implant placement, root canal treatment and of course high level cosmetic dentistry, he can truly do it all. He also has access to the latest technologies, to ensure that his patients receive the most durable, advanced and comfortable treatments available. Rob really is a gifted dentist.

The last couple years, I started noticing some lines on my face that weren’t there before and I was kind of tempted to get Botox, but I was a little bit nervous about it… I went ahead with it and I love it, no one’s been able to tell. I get compliments on my skin, people say I look relaxed.. I trust Dr. Cegielski entirely with my teeth and my face.

Dr. Cegielski, the first time I met him, was very reassuring. I went in with a tooth that was bothering me, I had a really old silver filling, that was cracked. I was quite upset and he made me feel incredibly comfortable, reassured me that he’d take care of it. He actually ended up removing it, doing a bone graft and eventually an implant. It was one of the smoothest procedures I’d ever been through. There was no pain and he made it so incredibly comfortable. He’s incredibly meticulous and the follow up is phenomenal.

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