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Three Times You Might Need A Filling – Even If Your Tooth Doesn’t Hurt!

Have you ever been surprised on a visit to the dentist? Sometimes, even if you’ve been having your six-month cleanings and keeping up with your dental hygiene, you still get a cavity. They don’t necessarily hurt, but cavities need to be fixed as soon as they’re found, to prevent further destruction to your teeth! Here are three examples of cavities that you might not feel, but need to be treated…quickly!

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Seven FAQs about Dental Fillings

Your dentist says that you have a cavity that needs to be filled. In 36 years you’ve never once had to have actual “dental work,” so you have some questions. At Pier Dental Centre, these are the most frequent questions we get asked about new and replacement fillings.

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Replace Silver Fillings with White Fillings

Replace Silver Fillings with Natural Looking White Fillings

When it comes to fillings, dentists and patients have often opted for the cheaper and durable amalgam or “silver” fillings. Silver fillings are actually made of a mix of metals including mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Although silver fillings last a long time, the disadvantages are that they don’t match the natural colour of the teeth, can become exposed to bacteria after some wear, and have been associated with health concerns related to the mercury content.

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