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Benefits of Dental X-Rays

When you go to the dentist in North Vancouver, you usually expect to get x-rays taken of your teeth. It’s not a particularly comfortable procedure, but it seems to be better now than it was when you were a kid! Do you remember having to take and retake the images several times because they didn’t turn out right? Not to mention the different angles they had to use to see all the teeth, or the time you had to wait while the films were being processed?

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Why Everyone Should Get a Six Month Checkup

It seems like every time you leave the dentist’s office, the receptionist wants to schedule you for your next visit in six months. Maybe you think it’s a hassle, after all, your appointment went fine and there’s no sign of decay. Or perhaps your schedule isn’t constant. Your kids’ school activities change, your work schedule fluctuates, and setting up an appointment six months in advance seems silly if you’re just going to have to break it again. But the truth is, you need to make and keep your routine to benefit your overall dental health.

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