Three Reasons to Have A “Family” Dentist

Family dentistry that creates happy smiling families

Do you have family dentist in North Vancouver? If you don’t, you should!  Who else are you going to call when you have a terrible toothache or when your child breaks a tooth?  But if you don’t have a family dentist, you also don’t have someone who knows about the tooth you had extracted during college, or the fact that you had gingivitis last year; this means that there’s no one to watch out for shifting teeth or periodontal disease currently. Here are three reasons why you should choose Pier Dental Centre in North Vancouver as your family’s dentist!


1.Having a dental team you know and trust. When you come to the dentist, it’s important that you feel comfortable with all the people who help you. You should trust that you can talk about any dental concern or discomfort you have, or discuss how you feel about your teeth. Only when you have a friendly rapport with your dentist can you begin to have conversations about your ideal dental health and appearance!


2. A centralized location for adults AND children’s dental care.  Your family and children’s dental health is an important consideration for you as you choose a North Vancouver dentist. After all, a smile should last a lifetime. Children in particular require dental care that is gentle and not remotely frightening. At Pier Dental Centre, Dr. Cegielski, Dr. Kherani, and all our staff are particularly compassionate and tender with our smallest patients. We know that it is important for them to feel comfortable at the dentist in order to encourage good dental habits throughout their lives! Plus, you can bring everyone to the same office, saving you valuable time.


3. Someone who understands everything your family has been through You know your general practitioner MD needs to have a complete record of your medical history to be able to provide the best and most accurate care. Did you know that your dentist needs the same? If you’ve skipped around from one office to another, no one knows to watch for gingivitis coming back, that you have a new cavity every year, that your bite has gotten steadily worse since a tooth was removed. Staying with one family dentist over the course of many years gives you another reason to trust your provider. At Pier Dental Centre, we up the ante with your dental record. Everything is digital: there are no notes or pages that can be lost. We can look through your entire history in a few moments to ensure we are recommending the best treatment for your teeth.



A Dental Home in North Vancouver


Your dental health is important to your overall wellness and may predict or be linked to many major medical issues like heart disease, diabetes, and infertility. Imagine how better off you could be with a dentist who has a long-term stake in your health.  Choose a family dentist you trust; call Pier Dental Centre today for your next appointment!

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