Tips to Teach Good Dental Habits

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Good dental habits can mean the difference between a life full of healthy teeth or dental problem after dental problem. If you have children, the best time to teach your children healthy dental habits is while they’re young. To help you and your children enjoy a lifetime of strong pearly whites, our team at Pier Dental Centre has put together the following tips for teaching good dental habits.

1. Start Early

You can begin healthy oral hygiene habits before your child develops their first tooth! You should clean your baby’s gums after feeding by gently wiping them clean. As your child ages and develops their teeth, you should gently brush their teeth twice daily. Once your child is old enough to brush on their own, you should monitor them until you’re confident they’re doing a good job.

2. Demonstrate Good Brushing Technique

Give your kids a role model when it comes to brushing: demonstrate the proper technique! Make sure your children are brushing for about two minutes and reaching each and every tooth. If you notice that your children are brushing vigorously because they think this means they’ll finish more quickly, gently correct them and remind them that vigorous brushing can actually damage their tooth enamel and irritate gums!

3. Make Brushing Fun

To get your kids interested in brushing, make brushing fun! You can allow your children to pick out toothbrushes in their favorite colors, choose wacky toothpaste flavors, or even turn brushing into a dance party by playing their favorite songs while they brush. If you and your family have a creative solution for making brushing fun, we’d love to hear it!

4. Don’t Forget About Flossing!

If you brush your teeth without flossing, you aren’t cleaning 40 percent of your tooth surface! Flossing helps prevent gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay as you’re removing food particles before bad bacteria have a chance to feed on them.

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