Guard Your Teeth to Get the Most Out of Your Smile

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You only get one set of permanent teeth. Are you doing everything you can to keep them healthy and strong?

Sure, you brush and floss. Maybe you even use a great antimicrobial mouthwash. You never miss a six-month appointment with your North Vancouver dentist, either.  So, what more can you do? Well answer this question, if you can. Have you ever noticed yourself clenching or grinding your teeth? If you have, there is one more big thing you can do to help your teeth stay healthy: Get a night guard.

Wearing a night guard can help your oral health in several ways. Not only does it protect your teeth, but also your jaw and if you have migraines, it could provide some relief from a common musculo-skeletal headache trigger!


Grinding Down Through Your Enamel Over Time


Your teeth can show age just like the rest of your facial features. But instead of getting fine lines like your eyes and mouth, your teeth will discolor, shift alignment, and show wear through the enamel. Perhaps they even look flat or jagged.

But if you have bruxism and grind your teeth when you sleep, the wear and tear will look much worse. After a lifetime of grinding, your regularly shaped teeth will be very short. A night guard can help protect your teeth from excessive wear from grinding and clenching, keeping your pearly white enamel intact.


Cavity Prone?


When you wear away all the enamel due to grinding your teeth, you open them up for extra cavities. Additionally, during the wear, your teeth may flatten out, which makes it more difficult for you to bite and chew.

When you start wearing a night guard early enough, you can prevent the wear before opportunistic cavities start to form.  Our North Vancouver dentist at Pier Dental Centre will make sure your night guard fits your teeth and bite effectively, to protect them from the bite forces that come with bruxism.


Have TMJ Disorder? About that Sore Jaw


Do you wake up in the morning with a tired, aching jaw? How about waking up with a headache that radiates from your temple into your eyes or ears?  That kind of wakeup call is not the way to start your day, but if you have bruxism, you’re probably used to this kind of morning.

Now imagine not grinding your teeth through the night. How would your jaw feel if it were unable to tighten down as hard? A night guard will help keep your jaw from locking down and clenching your teeth together (or fully engaging your TMJ.) Additionally, if you have migraines that are triggered by your bruxing, a night guard may help decrease or completely stop the trigger, lessening the instance of your migraines.

If you’re looking for a solution for your night grinding or potential tooth wear, schedule a consultation with to Dr. Robert Cegielski.  Not only will you find a sympathetic listener, but it’s likely, you’ll find help and hope for better oral health.  Contact our North Vancouver dentist office to schedule your appointment!

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