Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity – Is It Normal?

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Whether you’re celebrating with ice cream or having a Halloween candy snack, the pain in your teeth from the cold and sweet makes enjoying them a difficult task. You’re left sucking on your teeth, trying to get the sensation to subside. But why is it happening at all?

There are a few different reasons why you could be suffering from sensitive teeth, and not all of them indicate a problem! Dr. Cegielski of Pier Dental Centre can help you figure out why.

Recent Fillings? New Crown?

If you’ve had recent work done to your teeth, they may still be adjusting to the new material. It takes some time, maybe as long as a couple weeks for your teeth to really adjust to the amalgam or composite fillings. Sensitivity is possible, especially with the metal style fillings that conduct heat so well.

Crowns are also a likely culprit. Though a newer style crown will not have a metal component, many caps are still made with silver, gold, or white gold at the base. Like an amalgam filling, the metallic crown will conduct heat remarkably well. If you’ve had a root canal, you might not feel the sensitivity in the tooth with the crown, but rather in the surrounding teeth. Then again, a crown can be placed on a tooth with an extra-large cavity, without a root canal, so the root and nerve may still be present, and more sensitive to the heat and cold.

Watch Out for Whitening!

Getting your teeth whitened once could leave you with a small amount of sensitivity. Getting your teeth whitened regularly may increase that hyperactive sensation. Whitening your teeth too much or using aggressive products may even cause severe pain. Be on the alert for commercial bleaching products that you find online or at the mall. They may promise amazing whitening, but the tradeoff of oversensitivity and weakened enamel is not worth it!

Tooth Decay and Cavities

A cavity, even a small one, can affect how sensitive your teeth are to cold, heat, and sweet. If you notice a newly sensitive tooth, don’t ignore it! At Pier Dental Centre, we are more than happy to check your smile and screen for any signs of decay. You might not see them: they could be between the teeth or in a narrow crack. But as that sensitivity grows worse, you can be sure the cavity is growing larger. Don’t wait to get it treated!

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth at Pier Dental Centre

With professional memberships across Canada and in the US, Dr. Cegielski is committed to the best outcomes for his patients and their smiles. If you’re having tooth sensitivity in North Vancouver, make your appointment at Pier Dental Centre. Sensitivity can turn to toothache and pain overnight if it’s not treated right. Dr. Cegielski can give you options that treat the problem and help you get back to the life you had before you suffered from tooth sensitivity.


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