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How Healthy Dental Habits Contribute to Overall Health

How Oral Health Contributes to Overall Health

Oral health is linked to physical and mental health in a variety of ways. A healthy mouth is associated with increased confidence and positive social interactions. Individuals who feel good about their teeth tend to feel more comfortable speaking and smiling in front of other people. In addition, a healthy mouth enables full functionality of the jaw and teeth for chewing a wide variety of foods as part of a nutritious and balanced diet.

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Pregnancy Dental Care

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers often wonder if they should avoid scheduling dental work during pregnancy. Just as it is important to take care of your general health during pregnancy, it is also important to monitor your dental health. Your family dentist can provide more specific recommendations for preventative care and treatment.

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North Vancouver Wisdom Teeth Extraction

FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Removal

The average adult has 32 teeth, including front teeth to bite with and back teeth to chew with. Wisdom teeth are often referred to as third molars because they are the last of the back molars to grow in. The average mouth, however, can only comfortably hold 28 teeth, meaning that those extra 4 wisdom teeth often end up not having room to come in. Questions about wisdom teeth are common in the dental office. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth removal.

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Root Canal - Vancouver Dentist

Fears and Myths About Root Canals

Root canals are one of the most feared routine procedures in dentistry. There are several myths that create the perception that a root canal is scary. Despite it’s reputation, a root canal is not that different than getting a filling. The procedure can usually be completed in a single appointment and is made comfortable with the use of local anaesthetic.

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Antibiotics in Dentistry

Antibiotic Resistance in Dentistry

The purpose of prescription antibiotics is to kill bacteria that are causing an infection. Sometimes, when antibiotics are used frequently, bacteria start to become resistant to treatment. Antibiotic resistance develops naturally but is exacerbated by overuse and incorrect use of medication. Once bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, the resistant bacteria can spread the same way as normal bacteria do, and infections then become more difficult to treat.

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Dental Benefits How to Get the Most from Your Dental Plan

As the end of the calendar year approaches it is a good time to review your dental benefits and any preventative or restorative treatments that you may be due for. Many dental plans cover preventative treatments up to a maximum limit, and at set intervals such as every six months. Most dental plans reset at the start of a new calendar year, meaning that unused balances do not carry forward. To make the most of your available benefits, contact your family dentist to check when you’re next due for treatments such as x-rays, oral exam, scaling, polishing, and sealants. If you have been putting off scheduling an appointment, consider booking yourself in before the holidays.

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Cosmetic Dentist Vancouver

How to Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver is a growing field due in part to healthy lifestyles and an increased awareness about healthy eating and good oral care. With people living longer and maintaining their natural teeth, patients often wonder what options are available for quick and non-invasive aesthetic touch ups for their smile.

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Advice from a dentist on bad breath

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is cited as one of the most common concerns people have when preparing for dates or social engagements. The usual culprits that contribute to bad breath include tobacco, coffee, and garlic. Below are some of the other common day to day contributors to bad breath, as well a few less common causes, and solutions to keep your breath fresh.

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Oral Cancer Screening at the Dentist

Oral Cancer Prevention and Symptoms

It is estimated that over 4,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with oral cancer each year. The good news is that prevention and early detection are associated with high success rates for treatment and recovery. Each time you visit your family dentist for a regular check-up you will receive a visual screening to help ensure that any changes in your oral health are detected and treated early. You can help your dentist by being aware of potential warning signs, and raising any questions that you have so your dentist can investigate specific concerns.

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