Cosmetic Dental Care for All Ages

Dental Care for All Ages

With modern health care trending towards increased life expectancy and the maintenance of natural teeth, there is an increased need for ongoing dental care at all ages. As the baby boomer generation moves into retirement, studies predict a growing need for cosmetic dental care, including restorative, periodontal and orthodontic care.

As one gets older, there are different considerations to keep in mind for optimal oral health. For those who don’t yet need cosmetic dental treatment, below are a few tips for preventative care during older age.

  • Speak to your family dentist about the best daily routine to meet your needs. If your mobility is restricted, an electric toothbrush may be preferable to manual. Effective regular brushing will reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Consider periodic fluoride treatments or look for a fluoride toothpaste, especially if you did not benefit from fluorinated water as a child.
  • Floss daily to remove plaque from between the teeth. If your movement is restricted, speak to your dentist about options for automatic flossers.
  • Ask for a recommended mouth rinse to meet your needs. Alcohol mouth rinses can dry and irritate the mouth rather than maintain protective saliva.

A dental treatment plan is an important component of overall health, especially in older age. Speak to your dental office to schedule regular check-ups. As always, if you are experiencing irritation or discomfort, speak to your family dentist right away.

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