Is It Common for Gums to Swell During Pregnancy?

swelling gums during pregnancy

There’s no denying that being pregnant comes with a whole slew of changes to your body. It can feel like every day there’s something new you have to deal with. Many women are prepared for the weight gain, tender breasts, and backaches, but it’s important not to forget how pregnancy can affect your dental health, particularly your gums. Unfortunately, as if pregnant women didn’t have enough to deal with already, swollen gums are common due to something called pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy Gingivitis 101

A majority of pregnant women will experience a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. The term comes from the fact that pregnant women are at an increased risk of developing gingivitis, which is another word for gum inflammation. This is because the higher levels of progesterone hormone in the body experienced during pregnancy can lead to an increase in gingivitis-causing bacteria.

Those with pregnancy gingivitis may experience gums that are tender, swollen, and abnormally red. They may also notice that their gums bleed easily when they’re brushing their teeth or flossing.

How to Prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis

The best tip for handling pregnancy gingivitis is a simple one: practice good oral hygiene. That means making sure you’re brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time, and also flossing at least once a day. As an added step to your dental routine, you can also rinse with an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash designed to fight gingivitis. Additionally, drink plenty of water and consume a healthy, balanced diet. And, of course, visit Pier Dental Centre for regular check-ups and cleanings so we can monitor your gum health.

Dental Care for Every Stage of Life

If you’re pregnant, congratulations! We invite you to reach out to Pier Dental Centre for help managing your dental health. Our team would be thrilled to care for your smile during your pregnancy journey.


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