Dental Care for Seniors

senior dental care

Elderly or senior patients often have unique dental care requirements.

There are some common dental health conditions that are more likely to emerge as we age, and our oral health goals can sometimes change and adapt as we move through the phrases of our lives.


Finding the Best Dentist for Seniors

To get the best dental care for senior patients, you need to spend some time ensuring that you select the right dentist and the best clinic that meets your personal needs.

Here at Pier Dental Centre, our North Vancouver family dental clinic has been treating patients of all ages for many years.

We are absolutely committed to helping our patients enrich and enhance their lives through quality and innovative dental care and all of the benefits that come with it.

As part of our new patient onboarding, your dentist will sit down with you to discuss your specific oral and dental health goals. Senior patients and young families alike all have their own unique dental issues and goals, and by taking the time to understand yours, our experienced dentists can create a dental care plan that suits you, your lifestyle, and your budget.


Oral Care for Seniors and the Elderly

Some dental procedures are more commonly required in elderly patients, and the next section of this article aims to help you understand the basics of some of the most common dental treatments.

For more details on any specific service or to discuss your dental goals with an experienced dental professional, we recommend that you make an appointment by calling our friendly front office team on 604-986-9161.


Dentures for Seniors

Dentures and implants are some of the most common dental procedures we recommend for our senior patients here at Pier Dental Centre.

As we get older, life takes its toll on our teeth and most people will eventually require dentures or implants of some kind as a result of ongoing tooth decay and general wear and tear.

The good news is that restorative dentistry has evolved a lot with the advent of dental technology and procedures, and there are lots of options available to help restore damaged teeth and repair your smile in a safe and comfortable way.


Receding Gum Treatment

Another common symptom of aging that we see a lot here at Pier Dental Centre is receding gums.

A lifetime of bad brushing habits is sometimes a contributing factor here, but receding gums can also be a natural part of aging.

Over time, receding gums can become worse because they allow bacteria easier access to the more sensitive parts of the tooth. As this wear progresses, the areas closer to the root become more and more exposed.

For more information on how to treat receding gums, contact your dentist or make an appointment to visit our restorative dentistry specialists here at Pier Dental Centre.


Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings should also become an important part of your regular dental checkups as you get older.

Today’s technology offers dentists a number of ways to quickly and reliably detect the early warning signs of many common oral cancers, and regular screenings should always be a part of your routine dental appointments. Here at Pier Dental Centre, we also offer an advanced oral cancer screening procedure right here in our North Vancouver dental clinic where we use Velscope technology to accurately detect early stage oral cancers.

If you would like to make an appointment to talk to one of our restorative dentist specialists, call Pier Dental Centre today at 604-986-9161.

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