Broken Dental Crown, Bridge, or Denture?

broken dental work

One of the most common dental emergencies in North Vancouver is fractured or broken dental restorations. Examples include a crown or dental bridge coming off (or feeling loose) and cracked dentures or partials, from accidentally dropping them on the floor.

At Pier Dental Centre, we’re providing same-day emergency dentistry at our North Vancouver office, even during this time of “social distancing.” Although our typical day-to-day operations aren’t what you would usually see, Dr. Cegielski is still actively seeing emergency dentistry patients as needed. Even if you’re a new patient who has never visited our office.


Will Your Restoration Need to be Replaced?


Depending on why your crown or bridge came loose, there could be decaying tooth structure underneath. If that’s the case, we’ll need to prep the tooth and place a temporary crown over it until a new one can be made. But if it’s something like the bond failing (like if you eat something too sticky or hard) then Dr. Cegielski can possibly cement it back into place. The situation will strictly depend on the health and integrity of the tooth underneath.

But what about broken dentures (“plates”) and partials? Depending on where they cracked, a same-day repair may be an option. The team at Pier Dental Centre will be able to let you know what choices you have so that you can make the best plan moving forward.


How to Reach Us


Pier Dental Center offers 24/7 North Vancouver emergency dentistry access. Simply call our office and follow the prompts. One of our staff will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to walk you through the next essential steps. Although we’re not operating during normal business hours, Dr. Cegielski can arrange to meet you at our office if you need same-day emergency dental treatment. Call now!


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