Combatting Stained Teeth

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Stained teeth might be one of the most common dental concerns our patients raise when they visit the practice for their regular dental checkups here at Pier Dental Centre.

Stained teeth can have a significant effect on your smile and your confidence.

It’s not uncommon for us to see patients who have been left feeling self-conscious about their smiles due to the gradual build-up of staining on their teeth. That’s one of the reasons why our teeth whitening services are one of our most popular and most requested dental services.


What Causes Stained Teeth?

Staining on your teeth is natural and somewhat inevitable.

The foods we eat and the drinks we consume in our day to day lives can sometimes contain certain pigments of colors that can gradually build-up on the outer surface of the teeth.

Most commonly, this build-up is only on the exterior of the tooth and does not penetrate the tooth enamel.

Certain foods and drinks make staining more likely. Regular tea and coffee drinkers may be more likely to notice staining. If you are interested in reading more about the effects of coffee on your teeth, you might enjoy our recent “Is coffee bad for your teeth?” article.

Other people who may be more likely to notice teeth staining are smokers or tobacco users.


Are Stained Teeth A Dental Problem?

Stained teeth are one of those problems that have the unfortunate ability to look much worse than they actually are.

If you’re someone who doesn’t pay particularly close attention to their teeth in the mirror on a day to day basis, it’s easy to one day spot an area where staining has built up and quickly start to panic.

Seeing discoloration and browning on the surface of your tooth is alarming, but the truth is that stained teeth are not necessarily a major dental issue.

Occasionally, staining can occur under the surface of the tooths enamel, and at that point, you may wish to consult with your dentist about the best way to remove it.

If you’re wondering about the best way to remove unsightly stains, our professional teeth whitening may be for you. Utilizing our laser teeth whitening technology, our dental hygiene specialists have helped restore countless smiles to their maximum whiteness.


How Can I Reduce Or Clean The Staining On My Teeth?

There are lots of ways you can reduce the visibility of stains on your teeth, both at home and by visiting your dentist.

A great starting point for patients looking to shift unsightly tooth stains is to look for a specialized whitening toothpaste. There are lots of great options to choose from and sometimes those early-stage stains can be shifted with the regular use of whitening toothpaste.

If that doesn’t work, there are also lots of over the counter at-home teeth whitening solutions available. If you are considering trying any of those options out, you may want to read about the effectiveness of at-home teeth whitening solutions Vs professional teeth whitening here.

Patients should be wary of over-reliance on these at-home solutions, however, as they can occasionally do more harm than good to your teeth by damaging the tooth’s protective enamel.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to remove teeth stains without the potential to further damage your teeth, our laser teeth whitening is also an option.

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